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Mental Health Awareness Month: Adjusting Behavior, brought to you by SuperNoodle

Practice self-managment skills and learn when to adjust behavior. Find more guided SEL and mindfulness lessons on SuperNoodle.

  • 3:21

    Breathe deeply, erase rough moments, and start over with a fresh attitude with this calming mindfulness exercise.

  • 2:33

    A veces cometemos errores, pero está bien. Cantemos, bailemos y reiniciemos la canción The Start Again

  • 2:52

    Switch up behavior and go in a new direction with this calming mix of mindfulness and coordination.

GoNoodle Dance Break

It's the perfect time to get up and get moving with these high energy GoNoodle dance favorites.

  • 3:09

    You've got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, cause you are a CHAMPION so let's see you dance and hear you ROAR!

  • 1:56

    Sing in different silly voices as you dance along to this hysterical song!

  • 2:27

    Take a seat and get ready to roll down in the deep with the KIDZ BOP Kids! Let’s dance to Astronaut in the Ocean!

  • 2:16

    Get your dance on with the Blazer Fresh crew as they drop knowledge and moves about prefixes!

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    Boogie down with the world's funkiest skeleton as you learn all the bones in your body!

  • 1:12

    Sing and move along like Professor Ding-a-Dong's seven sons.

  • 3:22

    Are you ready to jam out and show us your awesome moves?! Dance along with the KIDZ BOP Kids to Heat Waves!

  • 1:56

    Sing and move along to this ridiculous llama song.

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    Celebrate all the things that make you special and dance it out like a sponge with your favorite Bikini Bottom friends!

  • 3:40

    Practice short "in" breaths and long "out" breaths to relieve stress and anxiety with this calming exercise.

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    Learning about fractions is way more fun with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and PIZZA! Extra cheese? Yes, please!

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    Work out and ROCK OUT on the rocks with Squatchy Berger!