GoNoodle: The Good Energy Company

GoNoodle: The Good Energy Company

The idea behind GoNoodle® is simple: be a force of joy, health, and self-discovery for kids and the adults who love them. We power the good energy of kids where they are today: online, IRL at schools and home, and in the metaverse and beyond grounding them in the joy of being silly, mindful, and curious.

We are rooted in technology, being globally diverse, and we tap into the wisdom and authenticity adults have. We seek to bring lessons around personal and community wellness, mental and physical health, and bring those lessons to elementary school kids in ways that are native, fun, exploratory, and highlight their unique, natural epicness. We seek to fuel a generation of happy, healthy kids that know themselves and make positive impacts on the world.

There is no better future worth investing in.

Put good in, give good out.

We create products that equally value the mental and physical health of kids, families, and educators to create good energy every day. Partnering with organizations who support our mission to get millions of kids moving through fun, unique experiences, we fund the work to be a source of joy, health, and self discovery for kids and the adults who love them.

Be curious. Get messy. Never stop playing.

We bring creative and fearless thinking into the world - we’re not afraid to ask questions, get messy, make a few mistakes, and take purposeful risks together. We work to bring joy to the world we live in, inside and outside of GoNoodle.

Meaningful change begins with diversity and inclusion.

If you can see it, you can be it. We cultivate an environment that is reflective of the diversity of our society, and our content and workforce must represent that diversity. We strive to be an inclusive and supportive organization where people feel a sense of belonging and opportunity.

We are not quite there yet - our inclusion work is aspirational and achievable!

Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.

We communicate openly and assume positive intent, and we encourage and respect our colleagues who do the same. Honesty creates innovation: we share our ideas, listen carefully with an open mind, and work toward better solutions together.

Disagree and commit.

We encourage respectful debate, where courage and challenge are appreciated when making decisions, to ensure consideration and recognition of differing viewpoints. Even when we disagree, we commit to support the decision and work together to achieve our common goals. If outcomes differ from expectations, we will pivot without judgment to another path.

Who you are makes you powerful.

We understand the importance of a healthy work-life integration and strive to find it for ourselves and support it in each other. We trust each others’ expertise and diversity of opinion, perspective, and background as we build products to engage and empower the next generation of humans.