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12+ Million Kids.

1 in 3 teachers. 2 million families.

GoNoodle makes movement and mindfulness an integral part of the day, at school and at home.

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Morning meeting. Daily subject transitions. Afternoon math. Indoor recess. Living room dance parties. GoNoodle makes everyday moments better.


is better with GoNoodle.

  • Improves behavior and attention
  • Betters academic performance
  • Strengthens classroom cohesion

Amazing and useful technology that is super easy to use, beautifully designed, and crazy engaging. I love it, my students love it, my kids love it, my principal loves it, it is a hit! A must use tool for any classroom, or living room!

Koda L, Elementary School Teacher


is better with GoNoodle.

  • Turns screen time into active time
  • Creates great family fun
  • Makes your home healthier

My kid used to be a little girl who sat and played video games and now she can exercise at the same time so I thank you and your company this is just amazing you turned my child's life around.

Hailey B, Parent

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GoNoodle Plus is a game changer for my classroom. Getting students up and moving while we practice math, spelling and vocab makes my class more exciting. My kids love it! - Sarah Cooper, 5th Grade Teacher

Zapp Von Doubler

Always fun. Always purposeful. Always age-appropriate.

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