Protecting the Privacy & Security of Your Kids

GoNoodle is committed to making our products and services safe and secure for all children while bringing them the movement, good energy, and joy GoNoodle is known for. The GoNoodle Kids Videos App and GoNoodle website for families (home version) are certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program. To learn more, click on the seal or go to

You can review our full privacy policy here and our accessibility statement here. If you have specific questions about how GoNoodle is working to protect your family’s privacy, please reach out to us via

GoNoodle’s community has grown from a small group of dedicated educators in 2013 to more than 16 million kids (and the grownups who love them!) today. Along the way, our primary focus has been the health and wellness of kids – that goes beyond the movement and mindfulness we’re known for, it extends to protecting the privacy and security of every kid who touches any GoNoodle product. We’ve been focused on the online safety of children since the beginning – and our privacy practices formed when we founded in 2013 have stood the test of time. Maintaining the trust and confidence that millions of parents and educators have in GoNoodle means the world to us – to that end, GoNoodle has and will always:

  • Verify with parents that they are the ones creating GoNoodle accounts.
  • Keep kids safely within the GoNoodle ecosystem – we never expose them to inappropriate ads or pop-ups, and never link off of GoNoodle from our product site and apps.
  • Only collect randomly-generated universally unique identifiers (UUID), which are used to improve our products, serve regionalized content and ads
    (always age-appropriate, clearly-labeled, and reviewed by humans) based on where you are in the world (ZIP code level only), and authenticate you as a user. We don’t collect personally-identifiable information on any children (and if we ever do for adults, it is always with express consent).