Supercharge Your Classroom

Join the tens of thousands of teachers with GoNoodle Plus who are using the power of movement to improve student performance.

Improve Test Scores

Unlock eight exclusive GoNoodle Plus games, each developed with core subject experts to improve fluency in math, spelling, vocabulary, and more. Combine academics with movement to supercharge student performance.


Make your weekly spelling practice a full-body experience!

  • Creating letters with your body makes spelling practice fun.
  • Customize and create your own spelling lists.
  • Pre-loaded with over 3,000 spelling words
Field Trip

Visit 100 amazing destinations in the craziest field trip ever.

  • Customize with My Questions and review ANY subject during play!
  • Inspire student interest in STEM topics.
  • Run, jump, duck, and dodge (and more!) for vigorous movement.
Word Jam

Act out words in a fast-paced riff on charades!

  • Create your own vocab lists and student-led movements.
  • Includes 600+ grade-aligned Tier 2 - 3 vocab words.
  • Use physical language to make vocabulary memorable.
Freeze It

It’s a freeze dance + flash cards, GoNoodle-style.

  • Customize with My Questions and review ANY subject during play!
  • Get kids moving and reviewing with quick 1 minute sessions.
  • Practice 1,000+ questions across 13 grade-aligned subjects.
Montana James and the Palace of Peril

A real-life board game powered by cross-lateral movement and ELA knowledge.

  • Compete in teams or against the computer.
  • Customize with My Questions and review ANY subject during play!
  • Includes 1,500+ ELA questions across 12 topics.
Ultimate Champ Training Plus

Take a trip to the gym with the GoNoodle Champs and Coach Terry!

  • Answer 100s of health trivia questions to build healthy habits.
  • Customize with My Questions and review ANY subject during play!
  • Enjoy fun GoNoodle twists on familiar exercises.
Think On Your Feet
Think On Your Feet

Make your students contestants in a movement-based trivia game show.

  • Compete to answer as many questions as possible (while moving).
  • Customize with My Questions and review ANY subject during play!
  • Includes 1,400+ trivia questions across 8 fun topics.

“Combining kinesthetic learning and standards-based instruction with GoNoodle Plus keeps learning happening at all times in my classroom.

Thomas McAuliff, 5th Grade Teacher, Greenville, SC

Review Any Subject Through Movement

My Questions allows you to customize our educational games to review anything. Prep for tests and quizzes, inspire interest in new topics, or review yesterday’s work.

Question Sets
1. Create Custom Question Sets

It’s a blank canvas: any subject, any content, organized however you want. Multiple choice, sight words, true/false, and more. Check out these ideas.

Choose Your Game
2. Choose Your Game

Five of the GoNoodle Plus games can be configured to play with your questions instead of the built-in content. Just look for the orange My Questions banner.

Make Review Awesome
3. Make Review Awesome

Have fun moving as a class while reviewing your content.


“I love using My Questions to tailor GoNoodle to my students’ needs. They don’t realize they’re reviewing — they just think they’re having fun!

Stephanie Smith, 4th Grade Teacher, Murfreesboro, TN

Move with Purpose

Get more of the purposeful GoNoodle content you already love, including bonus videos in channels like Flow, Indoor Recess, and Think About It.


“GoNoodle Plus is awesome! I can always find a kinesthetic learning activity that matches what I’m teaching. My students beg for more!”

Sarah Barnett, 1st Grade Teacher, Chicago, IL