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GoNoodle: Good Energy Summer is a free online resource that provides tons of ways for kids and families to be active, stay mindful, have fun, and learn throughout the summer!

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GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home offers free:

  • Movement, yoga, and mindfulness videos
  • Downloadable curricular and craft activities
  • Recommended off-screen individual and family activities

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This Week’s Activities!

August 11, 2020 – August 17, 2020

Manage Frustration

Play Now

When things don’t go as planned, take a stretch break and learn how to manage frustration with this calming activity.

Indoor Activity

Improve balance with an indoor obstacle course. Use removable painters tape on the floor to encourage balance practice and manage frustration.

Family Fun

What do you do when you’re frustrated? Create a “frustration list” the next time your little learner is angry. Help them write down everything that frustrates them and once it’s complete, have them tear it up into little pieces.

Bone Strength

Play Now

Growing bodies need strong bones! Follow along with Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, Jenny and Elena, as they lead you through a series of exercises designed to strengthen your body and bones. Check out the NFL PLAY 60 Channel on GoNoodle for more bone strengthening videos!

Outdoor Activity

Walking, running, and jumping all encourage bone health, so start a walking club and set a weekly goal. Try going a different route each time.

Family Fun

Eating foods with calcium helps build strong bones! Find out HOW TO make these yogurt-covered Banana Crunch Pops or use almond butter to make NB & J Tacos.

Rainbow Breath

Play Now

Boost your confidence with an empowering Rainbow Breath!

Outdoor Activity

Go on a rainbow nature walk to see what colors you can find in plants. Can find at least one artifact for each color?

Family Fun

Spread some prismatic Good Energy with this Champ Rainbow Coloring Sheet! Tape to the inside of your window to share the love.

Rest Well

Play Now

Healthy habits don’t stop when you sleep; set your intention for good sleep as you Rest Well.

Indoor Activity

Track your sleep with this Sleep Tracker. How many nights did you get at least 9 hours of sleep?

Family Fun

Bedtime rituals can be daunting. Create a nightly routine with music cues, a couple of minutes of tidying up, and a few yoga poses. Sticking to a routine can help you rest well.

Snake Breath

Play Now

Relieve sssssstress as you calm down your body and brain with these sssssuper snake breaths.

Indoor Activity

Use these Number Snakes to practice numeracy and following directions, and create some fun snake art!

Family Fun

Snake breath, bear breath…moose breath? Invent your own animal breathing exercise and try it next time you need a calming moment!

Take A Breath

Play Now

Breathe in. Breathe out. Don’t you feel better? Let’s Take a Breath.

Craft Activity

Many animals breathe through their nose! Use paper cups to design a wearable Animal Nose and practice breathing like a rabbit, elephant, or pig!

Learning Fun

Download our Deep Breathing guide to help everyone in the family stay calm and focused.

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