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GoNoodle: Good Energy Summer is a free online resource that provides tons of ways for kids and families to be active, stay mindful, have fun, and learn throughout the summer!

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GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home offers free:

  • Movement, yoga, and mindfulness videos
  • Downloadable curricular and craft activities
  • Recommended off-screen individual and family activities

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This Week’s Activities!

August 4, 2020 – August 10, 2020

Make Someone Happy

Play Now

Take a moment to think about how you can Make Someone Happy today.

Indoor Activity

Time for a happiness search! Fill in the blanks of this happiness checklist with your kids to come up with five people who could use a little extra cheer – and then challenge your family to be the people to give it to them!

Family Fun

A small action can have a large impact; how can you help? Take a minute to look around your home and find things you can donate to a local organization. Have a lot of extra books? Consider starting a little library in your neighborhood.

High Velocity

Play Now

Workouts are better with friends! Turn up the energy with this intensely awesome 20 minute workout.

Outdoor Activity

Use chalk, hula hoops, cones, tape, or string to design an agility obstacle course.

Family Fun

Make physical activity a part of your family’s routine. Use a family health chart to plan an activity for each day of the week and track your progress.

Are You More Like Sand Or Dirt”

Play Now

Get moving as you learn about yourself and others!

Indoor Activity

Make sand dough by mixing together 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of warm water, 1 Tbsp oil, and 1 cup of sand. Make seashell impressions or design a miniature sand castle.

Family Fun

A cup of (fake) dirt is the perfect treat for the whole family! Layer chocolate pudding with crushed chocolate cookies, then top with gummy worms.

Be A Good Friend

Play Now

Take a moment to set an intention to be a good friend to someone.

Indoor Activity

Bunnies and ducks are unlikely animal friends, but they prove we’re not all that different. Check out this optical illusion template, then design one rabbit version and one duck version.

Family Fun

A friend is kind, and it’s never too early to model kindness for your little one! Check out these ideas for a random act of kindness to try.

Hello Joe

Play Now

Pushing one button is easy, but can your friends do six moves at once in Hello Joe?

Craft Activity

With just a handful of buttons, string, and a few other craft supplies, your kiddo can make these animal button necklaces for their friends!

Learning Fun

We know all about the button factory, but what about you? Share more about yourself (or friends) with this fill-in-the-blank printable.

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