Yes! You Can Have a Great Year with Yes! You!

Shira Ackerman


Welcome back to school, and welcome to Yes! You!,
GoNoodle’s new campaign for the 2019-2020 school year!

Yes! You! celebrates what makes kids unique and special, while also reinforcing their similarities to build a strong sense of community. It promotes and fosters: respect; understanding; equity; inclusion; empathy; and belonging. This initiative will help kids:

  • Recognize and celebrate diverse abilities, backgrounds, and perspectives;
  • Build strong relationships between students and between teachers and students;
  • Create inclusive, collaborative and respectful attitudes and environments in their classrooms and lives and;
  • Gain exposure to different people and perspectives.

These themes will be seen across GoNoodle through new GoNoodle talent; new videos; new features; highlighted content; and the Yes! You! section of the revamped Discover Page.   

To get started with some of the Yes! You! themes, try some of these community building and SEL videos, which are especially perfect for the beginning of the school year:

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And Since Yes! You! is all about inclusivity and community, check out Edutopia’s recommendations for 10 Powerful Community-Building Activities. (It’s certainly no surprise to us that many of these incorporate movement and physical activity!)

Wishing you a great new school year and we know, Yes! You will have an awesome year!