Vote! Vote! Vote! Election Day With GoNoodle!

Shira Ackerman


It’s time to “vote, vote, vote!” Just because your little learners aren’t legal voters yet, doesn’t mean you can’t use election season to give your students a voice. As Blazer Fresh says, “kids these days have a lot to say, and the world of tomorrow is created today!” Check out some of the many ways GoNoodle can help your students learn the importance of speaking up and celebrate democracy’s most powerful toolvoting! 

Election Day Videos

  • Vote: Sing, dance, and celebrate your right to VOTE with this funky,  fresh video! And don’t forget the learning extension for this video, free for a limited time
  • The Ball is in Your Court: This song’s empowering message truly resonates on election day: “There is not a single situation where you don’t have a choice… you get to use your mind, use you body, use your muscles, use your voice!”
  • Speak Up: Take a moment to set an intention to speak up and share what’s on your mind. 
  • Road Trip: Election Day is a perfect opportunity for a U.S. geography lesson; visit and learn about the states with Blazer Fresh!
  • Own Your Power:  Build students’ confidence and encourage them to recognize their power whether they are voting or standing up for something or someone they believe in.

Election Day Activities
Vote for a Class Champ: Hold an election between two Champs to choose a “Class Champ.” Ask students to “campaign” and make posters for the champ of their choice, explaining why they think that Champ should represent your class. Then, have students cast their votes and celebrate the winner. Students can even use labels to make their own GoNoodle themed “I Voted” stickers, or use the templates in the link below. 

Vote for your favorite GoNoodle Videos: Hold a daily vote during the week of election day, asking students to vote for a GoNoodle video to play each day. 

Champ for President Extras: Download these “Champ for President” activities.