Using GoNoodle to Master Math


Do you struggle to get your students excited for Math? I don’t know a single teacher who would say math is a breeze for his/her students! But GoNoodle brings a level of engagement to the table that has motivated my students–for the first time, we are actually excited to kick off math lessons. And bonus: if you have GoNoodle Plus, you have a wealth of learning tools that will make math fluency practice something students look forward to.

Math category

Math Category
Have you ever thought to kick-off a math lesson with a GoNoodle video? Getting your students up and moving will flood their brains with oxygen before they need to concentrate. And by picking a math-focused video, you’re getting everyone into a math mindset. Use GoNoodle’s Math Category to search for videos related to your current unit. A few of my favorites:

BONUS: Banana Banana Meatball, Getcha Money Right, Count to 100, and Skip Count to 100 all have Learning Extensions (exclusive to GoNoodle Plus) that allow you to carry the concept into a printable you can use as part of a lesson or assessment.

Maximo the Magnificent

Maximo the Magnificent: GoNoodle Plus Exclusive
This new learning game has your students practice math concepts while holding yoga poses. Pick your grade (from Kindergarten through 5th grade), then pick a concept related to your current math unit. Or, customize the game completely by entering your own question set! I used this with my third graders to practice our additionsuch a fun way to lead into an addition lesson, and very productive as we reviewed a previously learned concept before building on it!

Mega Math Marathon

Mega Math Marathon:  GoNoodle Plus Exclusive
If you are looking for a higher-energy activity, Mega Math Marathon gets students running in place while answering math questions! You can customize the game experience by choosing your game time. Make it a quick 1-minute intro, or a longer 5-minute review session.  This game is also great for an informal assessment as you watch to see how many mental math questions your students can answer.

Freeze It!

Freeze It:  GoNoodle Plus Exclusive
Freeze It turns math into a dance partythe opposite of boring! Choose from built in questions sets for grades Kindergarten through 5, or create your own questions to customize your review session. When you play, students start dancing until they see the word FREEZE. When the students freeze, they answer a math problem. Then the game provides the answer so students can self-check.

If you are looking for a great way to get your students pumped about doing math, check out all the great GoNoodle math connections!

More About GoNoodle Plus
Many of these math learning games are exclusive premium features of GoNoodle Plus.  GoNoodle Plus offers 100s of ways to deepen student learning through movement and mindfulness. Additional curricular videos, customizable games, and downloadable activities maximize movement, instructional time, and fun! You can start a free 30 day trial (no credit card required) by following the link below!

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Sarah Fox is a 3rd grade, Zumba loving teacher in Glen Ullin, ND. Keep up with Sarah on Twitter, @MrsFoxs3rdgrade.