Transform Your Morning Meeting with Flow


Valerie Y. from All Students Can Shine shares her secret for a smooth, productive and happy morning meeting... mindfulness with GoNoodle Flow! 


Picture this.

It is 7:30AM. Your students are entering the school, walking toward your classroom and you can hear it already. Several of them are having a heated debate over who got off the bus first, who entered the school first, and who will be unpacked first. They are all a little frazzled over this because, well, being first is the most important thing, right?!

You look in the classroom and see a little guy who is still sleepy because he had soccer practice last night and got to bed late.

At the back of your classroom, you spot one of your princesses. She is scrambling to find her brand new bracelet that mommy let her bring to school today. She is in tears.

Near the reading corner, there is a boy who just dropped all his lunch money (7 quarters in all) and is trying frantically to pick them up.

You turn around to see one of your girlies crying because she ran off the bus and scraped her knee.

You get ready for your morning message. You take a second to stop and think to yourself: “How will I get through this morning?” and “How can I possibly get any learning to happen after an entrance like this?”


Keep Calm & FLOW On!

Morning message is one of the most important parts of the day because it's when we introduce new concepts and reinforce some that were already taught. It is when we do our most important teaching. We need our students' full attention at this time as it's crucial to a good start to the day. It’s important that they are ready to learn and focused for the duration of our meeting. If we can get them calm and ready for our morning lesson, our job will be much easier, pleasant, and successful.

Let's make sure we get the full potential out of our morning meeting!

How about starting the day with a little FLOW video to get your students ready for what is to come?

It will take only 3 minutes and you will see HUGE improvement in their stamina to sit and participate during your morning meeting. And what better way to start the day than with a nice relaxing Flow exercise! It will put your students in a good mood which will, in turn, motivate them to be open to active learning!

Take a look at GoNoodle's Flow videos and see for yourself. The Flow videos are found in the "Calming" category. All you have to do is click in "categories", then on "Calming" to find them.

The Flow videos are 3 minutes long, so they are quick and easy to squeeze into any classroom's busy schedule!

The Attitude videos can be used when our students need a boost of energy to regain control of their learning. The increase in energy helps them get motivated for an upcoming learning situation. You will notice an increase in stamina when your students are better prepared to focus.

The Stress videos can be used when our students need to calm down. We use these videos when our class needs to relax after an exciting assembly or a busy recess. The stress videos help students get relaxed and ready for learning.

The Flow videos have this fun picture of a tree that grows leaves every time the videos are used. Each time your class views a Flow video, the tree grows leave on its branches.

When the tree is full of leaves, you can print it for the class!

The narrator in the videos is calm, yet motivating and empowering. Kids really enjoy listening to the instructions and follow the tips as they watch. Something that really stands out to teachers is the way she reminds kids how their body should be placed when the posture is important for the exercise, yet she also allows them to be comfortable by giving them choices (ex: "you can sit or stand").

It's important to remember that when we help our students build their stamina, we need to think about our morning meeting stamina too. We often associate stamina with working in groups, reading, and seat work. We also need to consider how well our students perform during meeting lessons. Their concentration and participation during these lessons are as important, if not more, as other learning situations in our classrooms.

We would LOVE to hear about your Flow experiences. Leave us a comment and tell us how Flow works in your classroom!