Touchdown! Celebrate the Super Bowl With GoNoodle

Shira Ackerman

super bowl blog

Your students can celebrate the Superbowl GoNoodle style with this free downloadable, “GoNoodle Super Bowl Challenge!” Send the challenge home to get students and their families cheering, singing, dancing, moving and of course, GoNoodling during the Super Bowl! And try some of these super Super Bowl themed videos throughout the week:

Victory Dance: Follow along with this victory dance, then make your own class victory dance to celebrate class and student accomplishments with this Learning Extension.

Be a Team Player: The Super Bowl (or any sporting event) provides a perfect opportunity to take a quiet moment to be mindful of and discuss the importance of teamwork.

Cheerleader: Cheer on your favorite team, a fellow student, or the whole class with this KidzBop Fav!