Three Ways Bodyspell Will Up Your Spelling Game


Body spellSpelling. While there are varying opinions on which way is the best to teach it, we can all agree that teaching our students to spell is crucial! Whether you use a phonics based program, a list from your curriculum, differentiated spelling lists, or another of the multiple ways we’ve had suggested to us as educators you most likely welcome any ideas to help your students become more engaged.

In my third-grade classroom, I am a fan of differentiated lists so that I can meet students right where they are. It’s only taken me seven years to finally find a system that is effective, loved by me, and appreciated by parents. Bodyspell, an exclusive GoNoodle Plus learning game saved the day, er, year! When I stumbled upon Bodyspell our world was flip-turned upside down!

Here are 3 reasons why we heart Bodyspell:

  • Movement is Magic
    This isn’t your mama’s spelling class! No more writing words 3 times each and using it in a sentence. GoNoodle Plus’s Bodyspell allows kids to create letters using their body. Who doesn’t love being able to use those gross motor skills, and especially during spelling instruction?! You might not believe this, but I’m dead serious when I tell you I have kids asking to practice their spelling lists at recess time!
  • Engage with Blazer Fresh
    Blazer Fresh makes Bodyspell even more enjoyable for students (and nerdy teachers). They present a spelling challenge, and students must spell out word sets by making letter shapes with their bodies. Need I say more?
  • Customize for Differentiated Instruction
    I can add lists for each of my differentiated spelling groups (I have 4 groups each week). Each group can work together at the SMART board on their own list. For a challenge, they’re even allowed to try the next list up.

Bodyspell has been a total game changer in my classroom, and my students would agree a million percent.

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Jessica Porter-Pennington is a third grade ELA/Social Studies teacher in Paulding, Ohio. Keep up with her on her blog, Mrs. Penninton for Your Thoughts and on Twitter.

More About GoNoodle Plus
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