The Next Phase of GoNoodle and GoNoodle Plus

Taylor Greene

This August, GoNoodle celebrated its 4th birthday. What a four years it has been! Along the way, the GoNoodle team has stayed energized because we love our mission: to get kids moving so they can be their smartest, strongest, bravest, silliest, bestest selves. And we’re  honored (and astounded!) to achieve that mission through 650,000+ classroomsimpacting the lives of over 12 million kids each month.

Over the last couple years, we’ve received great suggestions and user feedback on how we can make GoNoodle an even more purposeful a part of your classrooms.  We’ve taken your suggestions and put a lot of thought into the next phase of our mission. The result of that thinking: as we enter the 2017 school year, you’re going to hear a lot more GoNoodle Plus

Why GoNoodle Plus

Many people don’t realize our premium service, GoNoodle Plus, has been around since we launched in 2013.  Over the years, GoNoodle Plus schools have reported encouraging data about its impact.  Schools with GoNoodle Plus generate significantly more minutes of in-class physical activity each week. Teachers with Plus love it as a fun way to make learning active and memorable. Furthermore, research has shown that schools actively using GoNoodle Plus see amazing academic and health benefits.

Focusing on GoNoodle Plus as a great premium product is the best way for us to continue supporting your classroom, furthering our mission, and providing new ways to fuel learning through the power of movement. It’s also critical to the future of our businessGoNoodle Plus will allow us to generate the revenue we need to fund the development of both a premium AND free version of GoNoodle.  

This means:

  • We’re adding all new features and content for GoNoodle Plus this year, delivering on the idea that GoNoodle Plus is the best version of GoNoodle for the classroom with hundreds of ways to integrate movement and mindfulness, into academics.
  • You’re going to hear a lot more about GoNoodle Plus from us both inside and outside of GoNoodle.
  • Our sales team will be working harder than ever to help schools find funding for GoNoodle Plus, or identifying sponsors who can bring Plus to the schools in their community at a reduced cost.

Rest assured: the free version of GoNoodle isn’t going anywhere. We’ll continue to add multiple free movement activities every month and keep improving the entire GoNoodle experience.

We’re looking for help from you, the amazing community of educators who’ve supported us since 2013. GoNoodle is, ultimately, your productyou helped us build it. Here’s how you can help us make GoNoodle Plus great:

  • Start a 30 day trial of GoNoodle Plus. Tell us what you think of it. If you like it, help us get your school or district to buy it. If you don’t, there’s no obligationand we’d love your thoughts about how we can make it better. Email us at and tell us.
  • Already use GoNoodle Plus and love it? Share it with a colleague. Tweet about it. Help us get the word out.
  • Want to bring GoNoodle Plus to your school? Email us at and let’s look for ways to work together to find funding.
  • Not interested in Plus? Help us tell stories about how the free version of GoNoodle can be used purposefully throughout the school day. Coach a colleague on how they can make GoNoodle part of their regular routine. Share it with parents. Help us keep growing our community.

It’s still such an honor to be in your classroom. Thank you for being part of this mission with us!