“We all know that both adults and children alike need less “sit and stare” time and more active engagement. Why? The physical benefits of exercising are well known, but did you ever stop to think about the brain benefits of being more active? Let me share some with you now!” – Jessica Lopez, GoNoodle Ambassador

Body and Brain

Generally speaking, anything that is good for your body is good for your brain!  By getting your heart pumping faster during aerobic exercise, you increase oxygen supply to the brain. Additionally, aerobic exercise works as a sort of “first aid kit” on damaged brain cells! Say what?! It’s true… you can help heal your student’s brains by providing them with opportunities to move throughout the day.

Benefits of Morning Movement

In the morning, before you begin instructional blocks for the day have your students exercise! This simple act spikes brain activity and prepares students’ minds to handle mental stressors for the rest of the day. Even finding 3-5 minutes each morning helps their brains soak up the deluge of content that’s heading their way. Pro Tip: Try searching GoNoodle’s videos by duration to find activities that meet your schedule, while still meeting the brain needs of your kids.

Retention! Retention! Retention!

Another brain benefit of using GoNoodle is that these activities help to increase retention of new information. Now that’s something we all want our students to be able to do, regardless of age! So take another 3-5 minutes half way through that looooong ELA or Math block, and find a heart-pumping activity to re-energize and refocus your students’ brains to retain all the valuable content you’re teaching.

New Research

Recent research from UCLA showed that exercise increases growth factors and stimulates plasticity in the brain, which makes it easier for new neuron connections to occur. How cool is that!?! Lucky for us, GoNoodle provides a wide range of activity and length types to support any grade level in their efforts to help keep kids physically (and mentally!) active every day! So let’s make a deal as teachers who want the best for their students: get them up and moving every chance you get with P.E., recess, and of course… GoNoodle!