Test Like a Champ With Movement & GoNoodle

Shira Ackerman


With test-season approaching for many states, we at GoNoodle are here to support all of the effort and work you and your students' put into preparing for and taking the tests. We know this can be a stressful time for teachers and students alike. and movement and mindfulness can be critical tools for helping students become their "test-best." Integrating movement and mindfulness into your daily classroom routine can:

  • relieve testing nerves and anxiety
  • sharpen students' focus
  • prime the brain to retrieve previously learned material
  • provide much needed movement breaks before and after test sessions
  • lead to better scores
  • increase neural firing between both hemispheres of the brain, in turn making more neural connections

In fact, we recently spoke with Kathryn Wright, who has taught for 20 years and is certified in Action Based Learning. Kathryn currently teaches 3rd-5th graders in a self-contained Multi-Categorical class. She has seen first hand, the profound positive impact GoNoodle (and movement and mindfulness in general), have had on her students overall and specifically on their testing. She explains:

"Since I have used movement in the classroom... I have seen a significant increase in my students’ scores in their weekly assessment, reading and math fluency, as well as the state test... A student who came to me in 3rd grade, was reading 5 calculated words per minute on passage reading fluency. She is now in 5th grade and in her most recent progress assessment, she read at 93 calculated words per minute. I have year after year of data collected with students’ reading and math scores going up, with some increasing their MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) score up to 20 points, which is about a 2 year growth."

Check out some of our favorite test prep videos and some of Kathryn's tips below for using movement during testing time:

  • Use movement to review content; maximize the curriculum and mindfulness categories to get your students prepared.
  • Use games, get students out of their seat and have them work together in groups.
  • On the actual day of the test, prep your kids by boosting their morale and positive energy before the test.
  • Have students do large muscle movements to stimulate the release of BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor), to power the brain to think more efficiently.
  • In between students can stretch, breathe and move, so that their brain resets and returns to an active thinking stage.

Good luck, keep moving and stay mindful to make this the best test season yet!