Stretch + Breathe: 5 Ways to Reinvigorate Students


Stretch + Breathe: 5 Ways to Reinvigorate Students

The benefits of being active before, during, and after learning are well-known. “Movement fuels learning!” “Activate the body, activate the brain!” But being active doesn’t always mean raising the heart rate. We can activate our bodies by stretching them, by balancing, by breathing. A smart GoNoodler knows what type of movement to use whento awaken the body, or to calm the mind. Here are five ways to stretch and breathe your way to focus.

Recenter with a Rainbow Breath
“Guided breathing exercises help kids slow down, recenter, and take control of emotions. Rainbow Breath video provides a beautiful and helpful visual of taking a breath to eliminate the stress.” -Marcy G., 1st grade teacher


Good Mornings with Maximo

Surfer Dude
“We start each morning with a little yoga taught by Maximo the monkey. Surfer Dude offers calming stretches with a little humor to get your day going.” -Liz W., 1st grade teacher


FLOW State of Mind

“For my daydreamers, using FLOW videos, like Melting seems to be the trick to bring them back to the class and ready to learn.” -Monika S., behavioral specialist


Bee Your Best

Bee Breath“Normally when I hear the sound of buzzing bees, ‘relaxed’ isn’t exactly the word that comes to mind ;) But Bee Breath totally helps my students calm down by giving them something active to do with their breath. We do this video anytime we need a minute to find our self-control.”


Get Energized for What’s Ahead

Get Energized
“Getting back to work after a high-energy transition can be tricky. We want students calm, but not sleepy. Energized, but not crazy. Get Energized strikes the perfect balance to get us there.”


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