Safe, Smart, (and Fun!) Screen Time: The GoNoodle Way

Shira Ackerman


(image provided by Global Munchkins)

As educators, parents, and veterans of the kids’ media world, we at GoNoodle know how important it is to feel that your children are in good hands when you put a device in their hands. At GoNoodle, we firmly stand by our commitment to create content that makes screen time safe, smart, fun, engaging, and of course, activates kids minds and bodies.

All GoNoodle videos are created by a team of experienced designers, educators, and child development, movement and dance specialists. When your child is playing GoNoodle, you can feel confident that she’s in a safe, secure environment; we have no in-app purchases or links to other sites. And with everything from dance and yoga, to hip-hop and sports, GoNoodle has videos that appeal to kids of different ages and their varying interests. Every dance party, yoga video or breathing exercise is an opportunity for kids to wake up their bodies, engage their minds, and have a blast.

We will continue to carry out our pledge to make screen time “active time” and to help kids become their healthiest, happiest, and “bestest” selves. And we offer the tips and tricks below to help you navigate your child’s’ technology and media and ensure that your family’s screen time is safe, smart, and of course, fun!

GoNoodle's Tips and Tricks for Safe and Smart Screen Time:

Find the Good Stuff! Ask other parents and even older kids for app and website recommendations. And of course, ask your child’s teachers! Teachers are some of GoNoodle’s biggest fans (we are trusted and used by over 600,000 teachers), and they’re sure to have other great recommendations for their favorite kids’ apps and websites. You can also check trusted resources like Common Sense Media for descriptions, ratings, recommendations, and reviews.

Put the TIME into Screen Time!
Giving kids time limits for screen time before and during screen time is crucial. Whether you set parental controls on a device, use a timer, or give warnings and end points, it is critical that kids have a concrete sense of when they must put down their screens. And given kids’ concrete sense of time and their needs for predictable and relatable goals, make sure you tell your kids before they start playing, and put it in relatable terms. For example, tell them they can watch one more GoNoodle video, or that screen time is over when a specific show is done.  

Make Screen Time Family Time
These days, screen time is a go-to “babysitter” for parents to do everything from a few minutes of work to making dinner. But screen time can also be a great way for families to have fun and spend some much needed time together. Have a GoNoodle dance party, watch a show from when you were young, or play a game together. Taking the time to show your kids that you want to do what they like to do, shows them how much you love and care about them, (all while making them laugh as you dance and play together).

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