Our GoNoodle Routine at Home


GoNoodle Routine at Home
“During the work week, before and after dinner can be quite the ordeal. You have just gotten home from work and school, and the kids want to do everything from create a full play-doh sculpture to chase each other around the house on scooters. Since you don’t have 3 pairs of hands to make dinner, sculpt the creation, and referee the scooter race, GoNoodle comes to the rescue!” -Becky W., 1st grade teacher and GoNoodling mama!

We use GoNoodle regularly during dinner prep and clean up time. It keeps the boys stay focused and out of any trouble they may think of creating on their own. (Seriously, the thoughts are limitless.) However, when GoNoodle is on, they are engaged in doing something that is fun, funny and energizing. Some of their favorites are Ultimate Champ Training, Roller Coaster, Milkshake, Jump Like The Bunny, and any of the KIDZ BOP Kids videos. Also, it is not Mom or Dad telling them what to do. They are invited to do the motions by funny, cool characters.

On the weekends, GoNoodle comes into play during lunch prep/clean up too, as well as that lull in the afternoon when the boys used to take naps, but now do not.

Sometimes, GoNoodle even helps resolve tantrums! If one boy is upset at the other, or just upset at the world, sometimes a GoNoodle video is all he needs to forget about whatever issue he is upset about and is redirected to something fun! Tantrum averted!

Have you given GoNoodle a try at home? If not, I highly recommend that you do!