Have you ever used a GoNoodle video as a launch pad into a new lesson? Bones! Bones! Bones! before your skeleton unit, Think Like a Scientist before your science lesson, or Clap It Out before learning about syllables. This can make movement a powerful connection to your academics.

We’re proud to take this “movement-and-academic connection” one step further with an all-new GoNoodle Plus feature called Learning Extensions.

How Learning Extensions Work

Learning Extensions are curricular worksheets and activities paired with 100+ GoNoodle videos, which build on the themes from GoNoodle videos to cover a wide range of subjects, grades, and skill levels. Subjects covered include: ELA, math, science, social studies, Spanish, and health. You can find Learning Extensions in two ways:

learning extension navigation

Click the new Learning Extension button when viewing a video or game that has a paired Learning Extension.

Learn Extensions Navigation

Or browse all available Learning Extensions (with filtering by grade and subject) by clicking Plus in the top navigation of GoNoodle, and selecting Learning Extensions from the secondary menu. 

Examples (plus a few FREE Learning Extensions to try!)

  • Get those wiggles out with the zany fun of “Cookie Boogie”. Then practice addition and subtraction with Cookie Jar Math!
  • Dance along to US geography with Blazer Fresh’s “Road Trippin’ USA.” Then, explore a map and plan a road trip with the Champ Road Trip extension.
  • Practice mindfulness and set positive intentions with Think About It’s “Be a Good Friend” during morning meeting. Then, use the When Have You Been a Good Friend? writing prompt to reinforce writing skills.

Practical Ideas: How to Enhance Instruction with Learning Extensions

  • Learning Extensions can be utilized in a number of practical ways. Introducing a new topic? Use a Learning Extension as a simple and fun scaffolding tool.
  • Need practice? Spiral back to skills and topics presented earlier in the year with applicable Learning Extensions. Complete them as a quick in-class activity, or send them home for families to complete together. (Bonus points: encourage families to log in to GoNoodle and play the accompanying video as a fun family activity.)
  • Need a simple way to assess students? Learning Extensions can be used as a simple, low-pressure formative assessment tool.

Learning Extensions are available for GoNoodle Plus users now!

More About GoNoodle Plus

Learning Extensions are just one of the exclusive premium features of GoNoodle Plus.  GoNoodle Plus offers 100s of ways to deepen student learning through movement and mindfulness. Additional curricular videos, customizable games, and downloadable activities maximize movement, instructional time, and fun! You can start a free 30 day trial (no credit card required) by following the link below!

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