Question Sets Format Hacks
GoNoodle Plus’s Question Sets feature serves questions in a multiple choice format, but you can easily adapt it to create other types of questions! Here are a few hacks to help. 

(Psst… missed what Question Sets are? They allows you to customize several GoNoodle Plus games with your own content and questions! Read more about it.)

1. True/False: Add a true/false statement into the question field, and list True and False in the answer fields, leaving the others blank. Set the right answer to “Correct.”

My Questions Format Hacks

2. Sight words: List one sight word per question field, and Correct and Incorrect in the answer fields. Always set “Correct” set as the correct answer for when your students get the word right (or wrong).

My Questions

3. Open-ended questions: Ask a question without providing potential answers simply by typing “Correct” and “Incorrect” in the answer fields, and setting “Correct” set as the right answer. After your students shout out the answer, you can select whether or not they got it right, giving the game the answer it needs to proceed. This hack is also great for mental math review!

My Questions Format Hacks
 4. Fill in the blank: Similar to open-ended questions, write a statement in the question field, using underscores (____) for the blank. Use the answer fields to provide potential answers, selecting the right answer as “Correct.”

My Questions Format Hacks
What other question formats would you like to use? We’d love to hear more hacks, or help you figure out how to create them!