Help Students Manage Energy & Emotions with Mindfulness

Shira Ackerman

Mindfulness is being talked about by teachers, parents, health providers, and the media, and its benefits abound, especially for kids.  As explained by the Child Mind Institute, mindfulness can be extremely helpful for kids throughout the school day and in their life overall: its goal is to "give...enough distance from disturbing thoughts and emotions to be able to observe them without immediately reacting to them."

Through breathing, stretching, and meditative exercises, mindfulness aims to help kids gain awareness of the present moment, their bodies and emotions. Research has shown that mindfulness helps to reduce stress, improve focus, regulate emotions, and boost confidence.

If you are looking to try mindfulness with your students in school or at home with your kids, GoNoodle's mindfulness videos are a great start. With our 2-5 minute videos, kids can learn and practice concrete mindfulness techniques and strategies that are relatable, and transferable to their everyday life.  Below are suggested videos and ways to integrate mindfulness into the classroom or at home to help kids stay in tune with their minds and bodies, and channel their energy in positive and empowering ways. And to help kids implement what they learn in practical ways, talk with them about how and during which moments they can use these strategies in their lives.

Morning Motivation

Start the day off right with these energizing stretching, breathing, and code-switching videos. At school, they are perfect for morning meeting, and at home, they are ideal for before starting the school day. 

Tranquil Transitions

Imagine being asked to jump straight from an exercise class into reading a novel, or straight from lunch with a friend into grading papers. We all need transitions to help orient our bodies and minds for the task ahead. Try these stretching, breathing, and calming videos after lunch, recess, between subjects or before bedtime, to help transform kids' excited, active energy into calm, focused energy.

Stress Busters

Give kids tools to work through feelings of anxiety and nervousness around new routines and activities or before they face a challenge such as a test or sports competition. Boost their confidence and relieve stress with these meditation, breathing, and stretching videos.

Happy GoNoodling and wishing you mindful, calm moments throughout your day!

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