Meet Our New Champ, Nova SteamSteen!



We had the chance to sit down with GoNoodle's newest Champ, Nova SteamSteen for an in-depth conversation about how she came to love science and what it means to be a female in the STEAM industry. A little background on Nova SteamSteen: she’s inventive, resourceful, and is constantly creatingmaking everything from food to footwear! Nova shows kids that confidence, curiosity, and creativity help them understand the world… and make their dreams come true! The next time you pick a new Champ with your classroom, look for Nova SteamSteen. She will cheer your class on while they GoNoodle and inspire them to flex their STEAM muscles!

Hi Nova! Thanks for the opportunity to get to you know a little better.
I am supernova psyched to be here!

When was the first time you realized you had a special love for science?
It wasn’t one thing, it was everything! Whether it was building with blocks, or mixing paint colors, or seeing popcorn pop, I realized that every action had a reaction and I was (and still am) always so fascinated by that!

If you had the opportunity to invite a famous person to lunch, who would it be and why?
I’d love to eat pancakes with Mae Carol Jemison - she’s an engineer, a doctor, AND if that’s wasn’t already incredibly coolshe’s also a  NASA astronaut!  She was the first African American woman to travel into space! How amazing is that!

What’s something you dream about creating one day?
I don’t really dream about creating, because I create every day. If there’s something I want to create, I create it. But what I do dream about is going into space, which I know I can and will do someday. I also dream about going back in time and meeting a dinosaur. That one might not happen, so instead I’d be so happy to discover dinosaur bones. I love archaeology!

How did you learn to code?
I got a robot kit for my birthday. I built it, but it didn’t do anything - it just sat there looking like a robot. So I figured I should learn how to code so it could do things like wake me up in the morning and make me a sandwich. I found easy programming lessons online and it was fun to program it to do small things. Then, once I got the hang of it, I programmed it to clean up my room and it worked! My room has never been so clean in my entire life!

Do you like to cook?
I love to cook! Cooking is ALL SCIENCE! How your food comes out depends on how you prep it, mix it, and heat it. It’s amazing how the order of ingredients, a few degrees, and the pot or pan you use can determine whether something is going to be delicious or disgusting!

What’s your favorite book?
How Things Work

Favorite science experiment of all time: GO!
I could NEVER pick just one! I honestly never met a science experiment that I didn’t like. And I do them all day longtesting friction by rubbing my feet on the rug and then “shocking” my friends (sorry guys!), or measuring the moon each night with a paper clip, or making every single different kind of slime that I can think of: fluffy, cloudy, rubbery, smelly and more! I love slime.

What words of advice would you give to young females who’d like to be scientists, engineers, or work in tech when they grow up?
I’d tell them to imagine, wonder, explore, create, tinker, build, and invent every single day! Always ask questions! Always take risks! Always do!

Continue the fun with Nova SteamSteen with this coding downloadable!