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Cabin pranks, bonfires, hikes, and camp songs. Each rank at the top of my favorite summer camp memories. Life has come full circle as my eldest son, Grayson, is preparing for his first overnight camp. And, coincidentally, he’s going to the same camp I went to many moons ago. When we received the registration information, and the infamous “what to pack” list, my motherly worries escalated – Is he going to remember to put on sunscreen before swimming? Will he put on clean underwear every day? Ugh! Regardless, I know he will have so much fun hiking the mountains and singing camp songs in the dining hall.

As Grayson and I talked about camp, he was surprised that singing songs was such a big deal. “Of course,” I replied. But, for all the camp songs I remember, GoNoodle has cataloged so many of them on Moose Tube®. So we logged on to GoNoodle on our Apple TV, and sang and danced to my top five GoNoodle videos to help familiarize Grayson with some of the songs he may be singing with his fellow campers in the dining hall.

If you’re also sending your child off to camp, whether it’s a scout camp, church camp, or day camp, share these GoNoodle videos with your camper! And if your kids aren’t old enough to go to camp, they are also great for family dance parties! So without further ado, here are the top five videos every camper needs to know!


GoNoodle Moose Tube

1. Boom Chicka Boom: This is one of the newer videos on the Moose Tube channel, but you can’t beat the repetition of the song! Kiddos will catch on quickly and will love singing and chanting in silly voices.

2. The Pirate Life: This is a great song to get everyone moving! I remember our camp counselors asking us to come up with things we did at different ages to complete the rhyme. It was always funny to hear the outrageous ideas!

3. Purple Stew: Ranked number one in Grayson’s book, Purple Stew is another fun song where you can invite campers to come up with purple objects to go into the stew. Those people who decided on the purple objects jump into the middle of the circle, or “the Purple Stew”.

4. Fish & Eggs & Vinegar: As a kid, I always thought this was an extremely random idea! Why were we singing about a fish dinner? And, were people really throwing their trash in someone else’s backyard? Nonetheless, it was funny, and I loved that it could be sung in a round. So there we would be, singing at the top of our lungs about fish and eggs and vinegar, hoping that people wouldn’t throw trash in our backyard!

Fish Eggs & Vinegar - Moose Tube

5. Professor Ding-A-Dong: There are many versions of this song, but Moose Tube stayed true to melody and motions of the camp favorite! It always ends with everyone laughing and jumping about hysterically. 

While you are familiarizing your camper with these Moose Tube videos, be sure to have them also check out the How to Address an Envelope video. They will have no excuse to not send you a letter sharing all of the fun camp activities! 

And for the little ones staying at home, don’t leave them feeling left out! They can tune in to GoNoodle GoSummer for even more fun! GoNoodle is free on the web or by downloading the free app for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon FireTV, giving you many options to get those wiggles out!