When we launched GoNoodle in August 2013, we imagined it as a classroom-only tool. So, we were naturally surprised when we heard kids loved GoNoodle so much they wanted to play at home. In reaction, we created a “kid” account — a slimmed-down version of the same kind of account teachers could create — and over time the “kid” account numbers steadily grew. Meanwhile, we watched, surveyed, and tested to learn more about what families want from GoNoodle at home.

Fast forward to 2018: after a few years of playing with the home version of GoNoodle, we’re ready to really focus on reaching kids everywhere, and provide a special version of GoNoodle that solves a real problem families face.

What’s the problem, you ask? Here’s what we see: there are so many media and technology companies for kids, but so few that are helping kids be their best selves. As a society, the technology and media we’re creating most often leads kids to be passive, inactive, and isolated.

We believe GoNoodle can be a solution to that problem: a technology and media company that uses movement to power change in every kid.

As such, we’re proud to introduce a fresh re-release of the “at home” version of GoNoodle — now available on the web, iOS, Android, and Apple TV devices.


GoNoodle at home

What is it?

The new at-home version of GoNoodle is designed to get kids moving so they can be their strongest, bravest, silliest, smartest, bestest selves. It includes most of the movement and mindfulness content that kids love at school, in addition to content created just for home.

We believe GoNoodle’s movement content can be used throughout a kid’s day to help them manage their abundant energy. To support this, GoNoodle at home includes Mixes — pre-made playlists of content with specific purposes. Celebrate lunchtime, summer vacay, bedtime and more with fun GoNoodle Mixes that mashup your favorite GoNoodle videos for different moments of the day.

More importantly, we want GoNoodle to be accessible everywhere kids are — school, home, or even in the car. To start, the new version of GoNoodle at home will work on any web browser, as well as free apps for Apple and Android phones and tablets. You’ll also find GoNoodle for Families available on 4th generation Apple TV devices. And we’re hard at work on more to come in the future.

Lastly, we simplified account creation. No more kid accounts with easy-to-forget usernames and passwords. Just like your Netflix account, you’ll access GoNoodle under a parent email and password. We’ll keep you logged in so the kids never have to bug parents for log-in access. And of course, we’ll give parents the control to manage the family’s account.

What’s changing?

For those families who’ve been playing GoNoodle at home prior to this new release: THANK YOU! We love that you’ve been on this journey with us. This new release of GoNoodle at home means some things are changing.

Home and School Content

First, some of the content in GoNoodle will be available only in school accounts — namely, our interactive learning games. (We believe these tools are best used at school, where a teacher can facilitate a classroom experience.) In the future, families will find home-only content made specifically for use at home where schedules are a bit looser, the room is a bit less crowded, and moms, dads, siblings and more might be playing along.

Personalized Champs

With the new GoNoodle at home, the current Champ personalization feature  (introduced in 2016) is going away. We’re removing it immediately from our mobile apps. Kids can still log in via a web browser to see their Personalized Champs until October, at which point they’ll be retired everywhere.

Why? While we loved our personalized Champs at home, they were starting to feel a bit stale. Moreover, we heard from many parents who felt that personalizing a Champ often overshadowed the movement and mindfulness content at the heart of GoNoodle. We made the tough decision to retire the personalized Champs so that our small team can simplify our product and focus on three big things:

  1. Create a flood of amazing content that gets kids moving, and put the focus on that content.
  2. Bring GoNoodle to more devices.
  3. Encourage families to move together in a group experience.

Stay tuned; we have lots of big surprises in store for the home version of GoNoodle. In fact, we’re launching something special just for home this summer…

Introducing GoNoodle GoSummer!

To celebrate the release of the new version of GoNoodle, we’re kicking off GoNoodle GoSummer, created especially for families and available only in the new GoNoodle at home.

Sing and move along to new videos, tune in for shout outs from your favorite GoNoodle celebs, and more. It’s a GoNoodle flash mob. It’s new EVERY weekday. It’s everything you love about GoNoodle with a twist!

Tune in weekdays at 11am EST or 7pm EST to catch GoNoodle sing-alongs, dance-alongs, laugh-alongs, and stretch-alongs your whole family can enjoy together!  

Learn more about GoNoodle GoSummer here.

Thank you!

For those of you who’ve been with us prior to now: it’s been such a privilege to play a positive role in the lives of millions of kids through the classroom. That said, we believe we can be so much more — and we’re excited about this next big step in our mission.