How to Use How-To Videos in Your Curriculum

Shira Ackerman

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This past summer, GoNoodle launched the new How-T0 videos on the How-To Channel and they were a hit! Parents and kids love these videos to help keep them busy, productive, and active, all while they learn how to do everything from making a stress ball to spinning a basketball on your finger. And many teachers have also used how-to videos in their classrooms and curriculum in some really innovative ways.

Check out below “how-to” integrate how-to’s into your curriculum to help make content more engaging, fun, and relevant to your students’ lives!

Create A Student “How-To” Program

All of your students have a skill, trick, tip or talent they can share! Help each student shine, build community, and learn about and from each other with regularly scheduled (weekly, biweekly, etc.) “How-to” sessions, in which one student teaches the class “how-to” do something. Here are some quick tips for how to get started with a program like this:

  • Plan a schedule and assign students their dates
  • Brainstorm with students and have them select their “how-to”
  • Provide a template with broken-down steps for students to create their “how-to.” You can use this learning extension for a template or create your own.

Use How-To’s to Deepen Students’ Learning

Use How to Say Hello in 15 Different Languages at the beginning of the school year to introduce students and help them get to know to each other. It’s a perfect springboard for an interview activity!


Practice measurement with How To Make a Paper Airplane That Flies! After students make paper airplanes, they can measure and compare the distances their planes can fly.


Use How To Make a Time Capsule  for social studies and SEL. Students can make their own capsules at the beginning of the school year to open at the end of the year, so they can see and compare their growth and change over the year. Students can also make time capsules for a historical or fictional character they create based on a time period you study in your class.



Enjoy learning “How-To” do new things with your students!