How to Introduce a New Class to GoNoodle



Like any aspect of your classroom, GoNoodle works best when everyone knows what’s expected. And like any other aspect of learning, understanding why you GoNoodle is part of its success. Yes, GoNoodle is fun! Yes, it’s an opportunity to be silly! But a little structure and a little information turns GoNoodle into a tool that really fuels learning.

Before the year kicks off, consider a few ways to set yourself up for success.

  1. What time of day do I want to GoNoodle? Working GoNoodle into your regular routine is a great way to ensure movement is a part of your day while also giving your students something they can expect. Decide on a time, and put it in your plan every single day. For example, a long math or ELA block can easily be broken up with a GoNoodle video.
  2. What types of activities are valuable to me? From dancing to deep breathing, there’s so much variety to pick from. Decide how you want to leverage GoNoodle this year, and start doing it from day one.
  3. What are my potential challenges? In years past, you might have had a hard time bringing the energy down after GoNoodle, or with participation, or with students respecting each other’s personal space. You can get ahead of those things by addressing them from the very beginning.

Now that you’ve given some thought to what you want from GoNoodle this year, you’re ready for the first day!


The first day of school comes with loads of new information for your students. Let GoNoodle be a small release to do something fun together.

  • Name your class! Involve your new students by coming up with a name for your class on GoNoodle.
  • Pick your Champ! Now the fun really begins. Have students vote on your very first Champ, and make sure they know they’ll be able to pick another one later.
  • Play Hola Bonjour Hello! There’s no better way to kick off your year. Don’t forget to join in the fun and dance along!


Now that everyone has a sense for what GoNoodle is, it’s time to dig into the how and the why.

  • Why Do We Move? It’s a beautiful thing when students recognize their need to move, can verbalize it, and understand how it helps them focus. Talk about the benefits of movement and use this color-by-number as a visual.


  • Stick to your GoNoodle times, but be flexible! GoNoodling at the same time each day anchors movement into your routine, but if you find yourself with extra wiggly, anxious, energetic, or tired students… add a GoNoodle session or two!
  • Review Expectations. There will be days when your students are louder than you want them to be, someone’s not participating, or the class has a hard time settling dowm when GoNoodle is over. Now’s the time to review that expectations chart!
  • Celebrate Your Progress. Hang your Champ Certificates somewhere in your classroom as you move through the year, and keep an eye on your minutes of movement. Just like the Champs, your class is getting stronger and smarter with every GoNoodle session!


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