How to Freestyle with GoNoodle Videos
GoNoodle videos like the popular KIDZ BOP Kids songs, Brave, Frozen’s Let It Go, and many others give students the space to “freestyle” because there’s no modeled movement to follow along with. Many teachers told us they could use some tips to make the most of these videos, so we gathered the best and brightest ideas from GoNoodling teachers. Here are four ways classrooms are freestyling with GoNoodle!

1. Call out exercise moves along with the song. During the freestyle videos, I shout out movements for the kids to do every 30 seconds or so (usually when the verse switches to the chorus and back again). We use a variety of movements such as elbow-knees, ski jumpers, hula hoop, power jumps, criss cross, or jumping jacks! I also call out the name of a student, and we will all mirror the free styling that student is doing! -Kate B.

2. Look for student examples, and dance along with them. I give my kids a space to be in during the freestyle, and I highlight what some are doing for example. “Look at that great move so-and-so is doing!” That often helps get them started. Perhaps the most important thing is being willing to do a little free style yourself. My kids love it when I dance. If a child or two gets to crazy or rowdy I tap them and they have to freeze for a count of ten. It’s worked well for me. -Sarah W.

3. Play during free space centers. I often use the freestyle brain breaks as a free space center during indoor recess. That way students can hear the music AND get up to dance if they want. -Sarah Y.

4. Encourage students to engage and dance together. I am an elementary special education teacher in a class with lower cognitive students. We use KIDZ BOP as a way to encourage the kids to follow the rules. When they are sitting on the carpet in their spot with hands to themselves, then I let one of them choose a KIDZ BOP song and they just dance. We have been using GoNoodle since the first day of school, but until the addition of KIDZ BOP my kids tended to participate/dance minimally. With KIDZ BOP they are engaged and dancing with each other. -Samantha Z.

How do you freestyle with GoNoodle videos? We’d love to hear your own ideas!