Honoring the Legacy of Inspirational African American Dancers

Shira Ackerman

aahm blog imageInspirational Dancers Packet

In honor of African American History Month, we at GoNoodle, are honoring prolific African American dancers who have accomplished some amazing things. Each week of February, we will feature an "Inspirational Dancer of the Week," on our social media channels, and we are offering

this packet which includes facts, inspiring quotes, and a writing prompt to help students write about and reflect on their own lives and accomplishments.

The GoNoodle videos below can also be used throughout February to encourage students to think about their heritage and focus on themes and concepts related to African American History Month:

We are Blazer Fresh: Dance along with Blazer Fresh as they share their histories, and encourage students to think about their own stories.

Own Your Power: Help students recognize their inner power and strength.

Speak Up: Follow in the footsteps of many heroes and figures who spoke up for their beliefs and rights.