Happy National STEM/STEAM Day from Nova SteamSteen!

Shira Ackerman


Nova SteamSteen invites you to celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day, her favorite day of the year, by making some of her one of a kind “Sparkly Starry Slime!” Make Nova’s slime with your class or send the handout with instructions home so students can celebrate National STEM/STEAM day with their family! And of course, check out some of Nova’s favorite STEAM themed GoNoodle activities:

Think Like a Scientist: Observe, hypothesize, experiment, report, and analyze as you sing, dance and think with the scientists of Blazer Fresh! You can also use this learning extension, free to all users for a limited time, for any experiments your class does throughout the year!

Water Cycle: Thirsty for a scientific way to get your body moving? Water, water, water, water cycle!

Hip Hop Astronaut: Get your space suit on and dance in space like Neil Armstrong!

Yo! They Got a Backbone! Rap, dance, and learn about which animals have a backbone and which ones do not!

Happy National STEM/STEAM Day!