GoNoodle Throughout the Building

The opportunities are endless for finding new ways to incorporate GoNoodle brain breaks into the school day… Marcy from Searching for Teacher Balance shares her ideas for spreading GoNoodle through the building. Any other ways specials teachers are using GoNoodle? We’d love to hear! 

The world of GoNoodle is endless when it comes to our classrooms, but why not extend that GoNoodle amazingness throughout your students’ day; specialists and support staff can easily implement GoNoodle as well.

PE: Physical Education teachers have a plethora of resources when it comes to GoNoodle’s brain breaks, but what about teaching fitness skills?  GoNoodle’s Run With Us allows PE teachers to reinforce the importance of stretching and practicing before a big event.  More than that, students can learn about sports and the techniques necessary to strive at them.  Take discus for example; with this help of Gunner Nixon (Olympian) students learn the appropriate stretches for the sport.  The icing on the cake is that the Run With Us breaks support all of the National PE Standards.

Counseling: Our school counselor has been using GoNoodle for the past year in addition to his social skills lessons.  He loves the variety of videos that support student well-beings and attitudes.   As a counselor, his go-to breaks are Maximo and Flow.  Maximo provides students with time for inner reflection while stretching, and Flow delivers a variety of self-reflection opportunities.  When students seem to be struggling the perfect brain break is Chin Up (Flow).  Maximo and Flow allow students to have the quiet self-thinking time their brains need.

Music: Zumba anyone?!?!  Music teachers behold, GoNoodle is packed with the jams you need to take your lessons to the next level.  The Zumba Kids section is overflowing with rhythm and motion.  Now, let’s not forget about the fun loving duo, Koo Koo Kangaroo.  These two have moves and songs that will take any music class and send it to the moon and back.  Music teachers, grab your sweatbands and prepare to get your students moving!

Don’t be afraid to use GoNoodle throughout each student’s day.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to move and have fun.  Kid President said it best, “It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance!”