A GoNoodle Summer Of Self-Care!

Shira Ackerman

A GoNoodle Summer Of Self-Care!

We at GoNoodle are in awe of the amazing hard work, care, and dedication teachers show their students every single day. After an especially challenging year, we are kicking off our GoNoodle Summer of Self-Care for teachers. We know the worth of self-care and how it is critical for educators. As explained in this article from Waterford.org, “Self-care is all about taking care of your health and making sure that you have everything you need to thrive as a teacher. Without taking care of yourself, you won’t have the energy to help your students.”

As part of our Summer of Self-Care series, we will share a variety of ways you can: rest well, stay active, be mindful, and treat yourself. And of course, we’ll share some GoNoodle videos that follow these themes, because we all know GoNoodling isn’t just for kids!

To get started, try any of these suggestions:

  • Get in the Mindset
    Set an intention to “Be Kind to Yourself” with this video.
  • Create a List:
    Jot down a list of things big and small you would like to do to intentionally care for yourself.
  • Make a Choice:
    Focus on one or all of the above-mentioned components of self-care.
  • Develop a Routine:
    Just like your students have daily snack and recess time, you can carve out self-care time for yourself every day.
  • Buddy Up:
    Find a friend or relative who can encourage and even share in your moments of self-care.
  • Make it Manageable:
    Remember, just a few short minutes a day can make a huge impact.

Stay tuned this summer for more tips on how to: rest well, stay active, be mindful, and treat yourself. And inspire other teachers to give themselves a little love by showing them how! Post and tag your #gnselfcaresummer pics and tips. Also, be sure to share them on our GoNoodle Community Facebook Page.

Team GoNoodle wishes you a wonderful summer of self-care filled with rest, relaxation, and recharging!

Author: Shira Ackerman