GoNoodle for Beginners


GoNoodle for Beginners

“So, you’ve just discovered the magic that is GoNoodle – congratulations! Now what?! Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of the GoNoodle-y goodness? Fear not, I’m here to help you make it through! Here are 10 Champtastic Activities to get you started.” – Stephanie S., GoNoodle Ambassador and 4th grade teacher

1. Are your students a little wired? Do you feel like you’re herding cats? Try Rainbow Breath on the Flow channel. This video calms and relaxes the body and mind with deep breathing exercises. It’s even great to use when you’re all by yourself and need to unwind!

2. Setting daily goals is a big deal in my classroom and we love to use the Think About It channel – especially the Celebrate the New Day video! Focusing the mind first thing in the morning gets our class off to a great start!

3. If you’re looking to really challenge the brain, head over to the Brainercise with Mr. Catman channel. I to the L looks really easy, until you actually try it! Your students will have a blast trying to nail that ever important hand-eye coordination!

4. Are you ready for Maximo? Yes, yes you are! Super Scooper is by far my favorite Maximo video! Who doesn’t love a good stretch with a little fro-yo and a purple monkey?

5. Can’t make it to the gym today? Turn on High Velocity from the Fresh Start Fitness channel and get ready to SWEAT! Your hammies will feel the burn tomorrow, I promise you that!

6. When it’s raining outside and your sweet, energetic, slightly annoying students are climbing the walls, try It’s Raining Cats and Dogs on the Indoor Recess channel. This 10 minute video will restore your sanity and get those wiggles OUT!

7. Did you know that awkward turtles make weird babies?! It’s a fact according to The Llama Song on Moose Tube. This song and its quirky movements will be stuck in your head for days, but you’ll love it and so will your students!

8. Kitty High Five is the purrr-fect video to transition your students! It’s on the Awesome Sauce channel (along with Doggy High Five). Don’t be alarmed if you start singing it to a random stray cat outside your school on a Tuesday afternoon.

9. My class has mad dance skillz, yo! That’s partially because we do SO much Zumba! Our favorites are Indian Moonlight and Turn Up the Bass. Seriously, they BEG for the Zumba Kids channel. Every. Single. Day.

10. Last but definitely not least, you MUST visit the Koo Koo Kanga Roo channel! It’s literally a requirement to be a GoNoodler. You MUST Get Loose, Pop See Ko, and Milkshake your way through the day. Otherwise, your day will not be complete. Trust me!

There you have it. Now go forth and GoNoodle!

Stephanie class