We’re excited to announce a whole new way to experience GoNoodle at home — in your living room, on the big screen, with our new Apple TV app!

In September 2015, Apple announced the new version of their Apple TV would include an all-new app store, open to third-party app developers like us. Our creative wheels started spinning…

We love seeing so many kids and families playing GoNoodle at home as a way to be active and have fun together. But of course, the best way to experience GoNoodle at home would be on a big screen, with lots of room to move. We instantly knew we wanted to be among the first apps in the new Apple TV app store.

Now, we’re thrilled our app is ready for you to play! The new Apple TV is available for purchase, and can find GoNoodle in the all-new Apple TV app store.

Here’s a few unique niceties of GoNoodle for Apple TV:


In addition to the GoNoodle channels you know and love, you’ll find a collection of 15-minute “Mixes” designed for specific uses or times of day. Play the “Kick Start Your Day” mix in the morning to wake up the kids and get them ready for school. Play “Stress Buster” to help kids relieve stress and loosen up. Or play “Wind Down the Day” to calm things down, and prepare for a good night’s sleep.


For the times you can’t GoNoodle together, the app will auto-play one video after another. Parents can move on to prep dinner, get some work done, etc., knowing the kids are busy with something safe and healthy.

30-Minute Warning

We know parents thoughtfully consider the amount of screen time kids can have (we’re parents too!). To help your family continue to be thoughtful about it, GoNoodle for Apple TV reminds kids when they’ve been playing for 30 minutes. Use that warning to take a break, or simply be aware of how much time they’re spending in front of the screen.


I have an older Apple TV. Can I access the GoNoodle app?
Unfortunately not. The new Apple TV App Store is only available to new Apple TVs (generation 4). Earlier models of Apple TV only support Apple’s built-in apps.

How do I download the app?
On your Apple TV, go to the App Store, and search “gonoodle.” Follow the directions on your screen to install it. Once installed, play away! Note that to access all the features, an adult must activate the app with an email address. Steps for this process are explained in the app.

Who is the new GoNoodle for Apple TV app designed for?
We designed the experience with families in mind, but teachers with classroom Apple TVs can use the GoNoodle app too. Anyone with a new Apple TV is welcome to play!

How much does the GoNoodle app cost?
Zilch. Free-ninety-nine. 100% free! Enjoy 🙂

How does the GoNoodle for Apple TV app affect my account?
It doesn’t! If you play GoNoodle on both the web and the Apple TV, you’ll find that the progress on your web account is not affected by your Apple TV play.

I don’t have an Apple TV. How else can I get this app?
Our app is on Apple TV only right now, but stay tuned for more GoNoodle apps on more devices in the future!