GoNoodle and Classroom Routines: Free Printable Schedule Cards and Back to School Tips!

Shira Ackerman


Mastering classroom transitions in order to maximize instructional time and create a calm ordered environment for students is a challenge all teachers face. As such, establishing your classroom routines and providing students with strategies for making class transitions run smoothly are a critical part of back to school activities.

Research has shown that music and movement can be very effective tools for easing transitions and many teachers have seen the benefits first hand as shared by the teacher experts at Really Good Stuff. Check out the GoNoodle videos below to help ease transitions and which you can use in your daily schedule to make your classroom run, well, routinely, right from the start of school. And print out these Classroom Routine Cards for your daily schedule. With a little card stock and lamination your class can GoNoodle their way through transitions all year long!

For Morning Meeting/Starting the Day

 Hola, Bonjour, Hello!


 For Lining Up

Line Up


For  Transitioning to Independent Reading and other Independent Work

 Quiet Time


For Lunch



For Class Celebrations



For Cleaning Up

Clean Up


For Dismissal

Bye Bye Bye


For all of our Classroom Routines videos, check out the Classroom Routines Category on the GoNoodle Categories Page.  Wishing you a smooth and easy transition back to school!

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