Fierce and Focused Testing

“Spring has come, which means testing season is almost here! Research shows activity helps learning brains do their best! According to a study by Iowa State University, ‘activities that make kids think and move at the same time, can improve cognitive ability in children.'” -Kirstie R., 4th grade teacher and blogger at Uncommon Teaching

As we are gearing up for testing season, drilling questions, and doing practice tests, why not give students opportunities to be active with fierce and focused GoNoodle sessions? GoNoodle activities are a fabulous way to boost brain power, help students focus their attention on content work, and aid in subject transitions throughout the day. Here are my top 5 GoNoodle Activities to help my students stay Fierce and Focused for testing!

  1. Chillax with Koo Koo Kangaroo: Students love Koo Koo Kanga Roo! “Chillax” is a fun video that gets students moving and singing. It’s a great way to loosen up and de-stress!

  1. Around the Town with Maximo: What kid doesn’t love a blue monkey with an Italian accent? Around the Town is a great way to help students relax right before you start a practice assessment.

  1. Get Loose and Shake Your Crumbs: Who says Indoor Recess is just for the cold winter months? My students need a longer break after taking one hour practice assessments.

  1. Victorious: Help your students feel confident and victorious in the midst of testing stress. (Check out the Flow channel for other mindfulness activities!)

  1. Dance Dance Dance with Zumba Kids: I love celebrating my students’ hard work with Zumba Kids. Classrooms need more dance parties – especially during testing!

Read my blog post “All About GoNoodle” for other tips on how to bring GoNoodle activities into your classroom year round!