Everything You Need to Know About GoNoodle Plus


I’ve heard of GoNoodle Plus, but I’m not sure what the difference is.
The free version of GoNoodle is *so* awesome, I don’t know why I’d need Plus.
Wait, there’s another version of GoNoodle?!
What exactly *is* GoNoodle Plus?

GoNoodle Plus

If you’ve ever said any of these things, this post is for you. Below you’ll find a deep dive into GoNoodle Plus: what it is, why tens of thousands of teachers can’t imagine teaching without it, and why it’s worth $10/month (or $1,500/year for a school-wide subscription).

What is GoNoodle Plus?
GoNoodle Plus uses the power of movement to fuel learning in spelling, math, science and MORE! In short: it’s all the movement and fun you expect from GoNoodle with the addition of deeply engaging learning games, curricular videos, and printable activities called Learning Extensions. You can check out it all out with a 30-day free trial, no credit card required!

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Here’s a look at all the features that set GoNoodle Plus apart.

Imagine your students running in place while answering math facts, crossing the midline while reviewing grammar concepts, or shaping their bodies into letters matching your weekly spelling lists. GoNoodle Plus’s interactive learning games open up a world of possibilities to fuel learning through the power of movement. Click below for deeper look inside a few GoNoodle Plus Learning Games…

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 2.29.28 PM

Now imagine you could use those Interactive Learning Games to review content tailored specifically to your curriculum, your classroom, or specific students’ needs. That’s the beauty of GoNoodle Plus Question Setspick from 100s of expertly curated question sets spanning math, spelling, ELA, science, social studies, and more. OR, create your own custom Question Sets to cover any topic you can think of, from letter practice to mental math.

Each time you play an Interactive Learning Game with a Question Set tied to your curriculum, you’ll be fueling fluency, engaging your most kinesthetic learners, and making your core-subject content come alive through the power of movement.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 1.16.48 PM

Have you ever used a GoNoodle video as an inquiry starter to a new lesson? This can make movement a powerful connection to your academics, and we’ve taken the idea to the next level with Learning Extensions.

Learning Extensions are curricular worksheets and activities paired with 100+ GoNoodle videos, which build on the themes from GoNoodle videos to cover a wide range of subjects, grades, and skill levels.

A few examples:

  • Practice addition and subtraction with Cookie Jar Math, based on the video Cookie Boogie.
  • Plan a road trip by exploring a map of the United States, based on the video Road Trippin’ USA from Blazer Fresh.
  • Dig deep into mindfulness topics with a writing prompt, When Have You Been a Good Friend? From the Think About It video, Be a Good Friend.

Learning Extensions

With GoNoodle Plus, you have the ability to send the same features home with your students. That applies to all your custom question sets, created just for your classroom. Students can practice your weekly spelling lists, mental math facts, science content, or any other topic you choose all while playing GoNoodle Plus at home. This might be the one homework assignment students actually look forward to!

GoNoodle Plus, plain and and simple, gives your classroom more ways to get moving and be mindful. With double the volume of new videos coming for 2017-18, you can expect more content with a curricular bent.

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