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My students become easily burned out on typical prizes for motivation… plus, isn’t it better for kids to be intrinsically motivated to learn anyway? When students are allowed to be teachers, engagement spikes as they start to find meaning and purpose in their learning.

I often use GoNoodle Plus as a way to customize my review for each of my classes. Many GoNoodle Plus learning games allow you to play with custom question sets, so I make up questions and allow the kids to find the right answers. When my students discovered that I had made the questions, they wanted to get in on the action. “Here’s a way I can help my students be teachers,” I thought to myself.

I blocked off a section of our day when students could work together to create questions from the curriculum that they had been studying. It only took minutes for them to learn how to type out the answers and choices, and then decide which answer would be correct. Here’s the best part: they had to think critically about the content they had learned to ask good questions. Even the act of creating a GoNoodle Plus Question Set was a learning experience!

Now when we play GoNoodle Plus, students are doubly invested in the game, feeling ownership over the questions they worked hard to create.

Ideas to Try

  • Spelling Lists: Have students enter weekly lists to review with Bodyspell.
  • Sight Word Review: Students pick their hardest sight words to pronounce, move, and groove along with to practice memorization. Try it with Bodyspell.
  • Vocabulary: Students enter words from weekly reading and math curriculum as well as district-level testing. Try it with Word Jam.
  • Punctuation: Have students create quizzes with sentences, making a mistake in each. Then when the class plays, fellow students must correct them with the right punctuation. Try it with Freeze It.
  • Grammar: Students write fictional sentence, then when the class plays, they must identify the noun, verb, or adjective in each sentence. Try it with Montana James.
  • Reading Comprehension Review: Students draft questions about a reading assignment, then quiz the class for the correct answers. Try it with Think On Your Feet.
  • Science and Social Studies Test Review: Students enter words that were important for your weekly test, then use them as a review for words that might appear later on their standardized tests. Build on the list week-by-week! Try it with Field Trip.

Having students create their own GoNoodle Plus Question Sets doubles the engagement and maximizes the fun!

More About GoNoodle Plus
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Christina Lee Steele Chapan is a a special education teacher with a passion for Whole Brain Teaching in Park Forest, Illinois. When she isn’t staying active with her GoNoodling classroom, she’s training for her 33rd marathon or teaching special needs fitness for adults.