Creating Healthy Eaters In The Chaos Of Life:

10 Easy Meals For Parents

Creating a balanced meal for our little ones can be an uphill battle. After a long day of keeping life somewhat organized during this new back to school season (as we all try to work and squeeze in a little self-care), it makes sense we’re exhausted and will give our kids whatever we find in the pantry. We love to sneak in healthy alternatives when we can but they need to be quick and easy these days. We found ten quick and easy meals for school night successes that your kids will crave all year round.


  • Unicorn Toast: Looks cute and is healthy too! All you need is a slice of toast, cream cheese or yogurt, and colors.


  • Mango Fruit Roll Ups: Only requires one ingredient and is perfect for every kid as a healthy snack! (vegan and gluten free)
  • Apple Chips:
  • Fruit Pizza: Let your kiddos’ creative skills fly as they create their own no-bake fruit “pizzas”.
  • Dive into Peanut Butter Bananas: Three ingredients that offer protein, yummy crunch, and a sweet and healthy surprise!

Lunch Treats:

  • White Bean Mac & Cheese: Rich and creamy, healthy and nutritious, and only takes 30 minutes to make!

  • Potato Smiley Face Fries: The happiest french friends around! Nostalgic for adults, fun and creative for kids, and a delicious side the whole family can enjoy!


  • Veggie Chicken Nuggets: You heard it right! Veggie loaded chicken bites that are just as easy as delicious!

  • Turkey Burger Boats: These mini turkey burger boats are the best appetizers! Packed with protein and fresh produce they are the perfect bite-size for everyone, and healthy too.

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