Community Building with GoNoodle: Part One


Community part one

“Teachers and students both have the first day of school jitters! Even as I start my sixth year in education, I find myself asking the tough questions like, ‘Will my students like me?’ and ‘How will I make sure the new student does not go home terrified?'” -Thomas M., GoNoodle Ambassador and 3rd grade teacher

Thankfully, GoNoodle can help make the first day of school a breeze!

My friends, Bryan and Neil from Koo Koo Kanga Roo, can definitely help cut the awkwardness that might be present in your classroom with their Secret Handshakes. They will get your students moving around and meeting new friends instantly on the first day!

Check out the videos in Moose Tube to reignite some of those awesome camp songs your students might have learned over the summer. Hello Joe and Peanut Butter in a Cup are tons of fun!  Who knows… it might spark a great conversation about the awesome adventures your students had over the summer so you can learn more about them!

Use Empower Tools and Flow videos to focus in for individual and class goal setting for the year. Flow’s Victorious activity can set the mood for a great school year! You’ll find in the Empower Tools channel a great video to Relieve Anxiety since I’m sure there will be some in your room on the first day. We all need to set goals and the beginning of the year is a great time to set them. It will give you another piece of information for your students, and goals are more likely achievable when we write them down!

At the end of the day, remember the success of your classroom depends on the time spent at the beginning of the year. You only get one “first day” this school year so make it awesome because YOU TEACH CHAMPS!