Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week With Self-Appreciation and Self-Care

Shira Ackerman


It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and the GoNoodle Team wants to remind you to celebrate someone very special: YOURSELF! We know (and definitely appreciate) how hard you work and how much love and care you put into your work every single day. We also know how hard it can be to give yourself all the love and and self-care, you need and deserve every single day. Research and resources like this article have shown how important self-care is, especially for teachers. In many ways, we can only truly care for others if we care for ourselves.

Below are some quick tips for self-care. We hope you take some time this week (and every week) to take care of YOU!

  • Rest Up! Although at times it seems impossible, getting enough sleep ( at least 7 hours), is critical for your physical and mental health. To help set the tone for a good night's sleep do something small to make your bedroom a restful, calming environment; try a calming, comforting scent or pajamas or sheets you love.
  • Be Mindful and in the Moment: Appreciate the here and now and put aside the past and future. Meditation and mindfulness for just a few minutes a day can greatly decrease stress and anxiety.
  • Forget Guilt and Forgive Yourself: Don't feel guilty about or dwell on mistakes you may have made. Show yourself the same generosity and forgiveness you show others.
  • Plan a Date... With Yourself! Even if it's for just a few minutes, try and make time for yourself everyday: take a walk; do something you love; call a friend just to chat,  or splurge on a coffee you can't make at home. Even the smallest acts can help you recharge, reset and feel happier throughout the day.