So much of the first few weeks of school are about helping your students feel respected, valued, and a part of something great- your class community! Establishing a warm, welcoming environment, increases student engagement and sets a positive tone for the year. Furthermore, as explained in an article in Education Week, a Stanford University study found that “When students sense that their teachers respect them, they trust them more and, consequently, misbehave less.”

GoNoodle videos can serve as ideal community-building activities; with everything from ice breakers to dance parties students can bond, learn about each other, and of course have a blast together! Check out some of our favorite GoNoodle community-building videos below.

MT_TriangleDance_Tile.preview_1559230238Partner activities like Triangle Dance  serve as great “Ice-Breakers” and encourage students to work together, get to know each and most importantly, have fun!






Mindfulness videos like Be a Team Player and the SEL video Mood Walk can help students identify both their own and others’ feelings and build relationships. Activities like these celebrate students’ individual backgrounds and experiences to build a tight-knit community that is sewn together by diversity as well as unity.

TAI_Be_A_Team_Player_tile.original_1509560238.preview_1559229453    BF_Mood_Walk_tile.preview_1559230191

NTV_footloose_tile.original_1529956980.preview_1559229993And of course, a fun, fabulous dance party with any of our energizing dance videos like NTV’s Footloose are a great way to build community as your class let’s loose and laughs together!

For more information, ice breakers, and back to school activities check out these great articles from Scholastic: 10 Fun Back to School Activities and Icebreakers and Building Community in the Classroom. And check out the GoNoodle Categories Page for more partner and mindfulness activities.



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