Activity Idea: GoNoodle Writing Challenge


GoNoodle Writing Challenge

When Becky from The Class Couple told us she was incorporating GoNoodle into an opinion writing assignment, we knew we had to share the idea with more GoNoodlers! Here's how she made the assignment a success (don't miss the freebies you can snag to use in your classroom too!).


My students and I have focused on opinion writing for the past month or so, hitting our writing standards and gearing up for the district writing assessment. My students are great sports when it comes to writing to a prompt. It may not always be their favorite, but they brainstorm ideas and get their thoughts down on paper to form a complete writing piece. While we had done the normal opinion prompts like your favorite season, food, holiday, restaurant; I wanted something more engaging. It dawned on me that one thing all my kids LOVE is GoNoodle! What better way to incorporate writing and movement!?! I pitched the idea of a GoNoodle Writing Challenge to my first graders and they were hooked! “When can we start Mrs. Wimmer?” they all asked.

We took the remainder of the week to really pay attention to the different aspects of the brain breaks we did, and made sure we did a different one each time. I gave them the weekend to think about which one they liked the most. I also explained to them the details of the writing challenge: I was going to pick the three best stories written (really focusing on the content), and those top three would read their stories aloud to the class. We would identify their supporting details, and then do the GoNoodle brain break they wrote about looking for those reasons/details while doing the brain break. The same process would repeat for the other two students. Once all three pieces were read, and all three brain breaks were done, we would vote and graph our results to find the Ultimate GoNoodle Brain Break for our class! My kids could hardly contain themselves!


The next week, I handed them a four square. In the diamond, they wrote the brain break they thought was the best. It was accompanied by their four supporting details/reasons on the four squares. Then they were ready to write! The fun GoNoodle character page I gave them made them even more excited! (Fun stationary just makes writing more fun, right?) After writing, and reading their papers, I chose the top three. I couldn’t believe it when my top three pieces were from three boys in my class (hello interest and motivation)! Of course our stories weren’t complete without a craftivity, so I gave them a choice of three GoNoodle champs to add to their stories. (The templates are also included in the free download.)

The next day - voting! The three boys proudly stood in the front of my classroom to read their stories. We identified their supporting reasons, excitedly did the GoNoodle brain breaks, and discussed whether we noticed their supporting details as we were doing the brain break. My kids loved it all!

FullSizeRender (2)

Then it was time to vote. Although it was a tough choice for some, Kitty High Five was our winner! Pop See Ko was a close second. After voting, we graphed our results, which was a nice way to incorporate a graphing review from the graphing unit we did in the fall.


You can grab the fun GoNoodle writing papers and craftivity for free here in The Class Couple TPT store! I hope your students enjoy this writing activity as much as mine did!