As you plan for your first day of school, make sure you include some GoNoodling! Infusing moments of movement and fun into your first-day plan can help ease the mix of emotions and nervousness both you and your students feel; help you and your students get to know each other; and lay the groundwork and tone for your class community. The folks over at Edutopia have some great suggestions in this article, including “alternating between fun ice-breakers and getting-to-know-you activities that build a positive classroom community,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Try any of the videos below to start the school year off right and have a great first day of school!

Sand or Dirt

Get students moving and bonding as they learn about themselves and each other!


Hola, Bonjour, Hello

Start the first day (and everyday) singing, dancing, and saying hello with the GoNoodle gang!




Empower students and ease their nerves with this confidence boosting mindfulness video.

For more tips on how to have a great first day check out this article from Edutopia.

Have an amazing first day, a fantastic year, and a great time GoNoodling!