Active and engaging screen time for kids

Sitaara Jones

Kids love moving with GoNoodle in school and just in time for summer we have a new GoNoodle App available for iOS, Android, and Apple TV!  The amazingly fun GoNoodle app is designed especially for kids at home with hundreds of videos to turn passive screen time into active screen time!  

What you need to know as a parent:

  • It’s safe and kid-friendly:  Everything inside of GoNoodle has been vetted by education experts and is kid-friendly.  Not only can you trust there won’t be any inappropriate ads, the content is designed to engage kids in a number of ways.
  • It’s active:  Kids are moving and engaged while using GoNoodle!
  • It’s FUN:  GoNoodle provides fun movement videos the whole family can get down to – mom, dad, and even grandma can move with GoNoodle!


Ways to use GoNoodle:

  • Smoother routines:  GoNoodle Mixes are pre-created playlists of favorite GoNoodle videos for different moments of the day.  Try the “Nighty Night” Mix before bedtime to calm kids down and get ready for bed!
  • On-the-go:  With the new apps, kids can play GoNoodle everywhere you go – in the car, on vacation, at grandma’s house, when stuck inside on a rainy day, and more!   
  • To get stuff done:  Getting everything done on a daily basis while the kids are home can be tough.  With GoNoodle, your kids can dance, sing, and practice yoga on their own without you needing to manage the activity or worry about the content.


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Get Started:

Signing up is easy and free!  Visit, or download the GoNoodle app available for Android, iOS device, or Apple TV. Simply enter your email, password, and zip code to get started! Starting on June 18th, you’ll get notified to join the daily GoNoodle GoSummer videos and dance along wherever you are as a family!

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