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This is my first year time using GoNoodle Plus, and I am already so blown away by all of the features of this upgrade! In addition to some extra videos for students, there are also several learning games where teachers can input their own information or questions to personalize learning for their classrooms. My favorite of these so far is Bodyspell with Blazer Fresh. Who doesn’t love those guys? And being able to move our bodies and practice spelling words at the same time is so fun!  

In Bodyspell, students make their bodies into the shape of each letter in a word they are spelling. You can choose one of 45 ready-made word lists already in the game, or upload your own words. In my district, 2nd graders have a list of 100 “Core Words” that they should know how to read and spell by the end of the year. I divided this list into 5 groups of 20 words that we can practice all throughout the year. I can also upload our weekly spelling lists for students to practice their words.  

Here are my Top 5 Ways to Use Bodyspell…

Classroom Transitions
We can practice spelling words as one of our regular movement breaks. Taking a few minutes to get the wiggles out in class can reinforce academics at the same time.

Literacy Station
I often have a group of students at the projector during our Daily 5 rotations.  One Word Work game they can play is to practice spelling their words with their bodies.

Core Word/Sight Word Practice
I can use my list of words that my students are to learn throughout the year over and over in Bodyspell. We can keep coming back to words as much as needed. I can also change the lists to focus more on the words that seem more difficult for my students.

Take it Low-tech
An awesome Learning Extension included with Bodyspell is a download of the letter cards. Each card shows one of the Blazer Fresh guys posing as a letter of the alphabet. I printed one set to cut up as cards and another set to hang up as a poster. Students can spell out their words even without a computer!

Indoor Recess
I ALWAYS start with GoNoodle on a day that we have to take recess inside. As a teacher in a year-round school in southeastern NC, we have already had several days of inside recess due to it being either too hot or too wet to go outside. Bodyspell is just one more option of a fun game that I can have my students play. I can be sure that they are still moving their bodies even though they can’t get outside to run around.

So there it is, my favorite part of GoNoodle Plus!  If you haven’t tried out Bodyspell yet, give it a go. I think you and your students will love it!

More About GoNoodle Plus
Bodyspell is a Learning Game exclusive to GoNoodle Plus. GoNoodle Plus offers 100s of ways to deepen student learning through movement and mindfulness. Additional curricular videos, customizable games, and downloadable activities maximize movement, instructional time, and fun! You can start a free 30 day trial (no credit card required) by following the link below!

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Meredith Mitchell is a 2nd grade teacher in Wilmington, NC! Fun Fact about Meredith, she shares a name with her alma mater: Meredith College!