5+ Ways To Entertain Your Kids On A Road Trip

Sarah Halloran

5+ Ways To Entertain Your Kids On A Road Trip

A lot of details can go into mapping out the perfect road trip. For example, planning your route, snacks, pit stops, more snacks, scouting hidden gems sprinkled along the way for the whole family to enjoy, and last but not least, the big kahuna of entertaining your kiddos the full length of your summer adventure from the confines of your moving vehicle.

We come armored this summer with boredom busters ensured to make your trip that much sweeter and smoother. Keep your kids stimulated and entertained with our suggestions below and be sure to tag us on your adventures with #GoNoodleSummer.

No Summertime Sadness With This Road Trip Mix

Finding tunes everyone in the car loves can be an uphill battle. You want your kiddos entertained without having to subject your ears to replaying baby shark on a three-hour loop. Do not fear, our GoNoodle summer playlist on Spotify is here!! Hit play as you pack and let the tunes follow you and your family all the way to your car. We’ve taken some of your favorite jams and paired them with classic staples that will have the whole family moving and grooving. Let your little ones play DJ and be the hero with this four-hour jam session.

Games To Get Out The Wiggles

What if the opportunity to turn screen time into active time was available from the comfort of your kid’s seat while still safely staying in their seatbelt? Kids easily can become fidgety on road trips, leaving parents with a mission to find proactive and creative ways to help burn energy. Our GoNoodle Games app offers four FREE games ready to help get any pent up wiggles out of your back seat tribe’s system. Download for free on iOS or Google Play.

  • Flo Yo’s Bubble Pop
    Help Flo Yo pop bubbles, free fish, and avoid sharks by waving your hands and moving your body.
  • Om Petalhead’s Flower Power
    Clear the weeds in Om’s garden by jumping and sweeping your arms, while avoiding bees – then once the garden is cleared, hold a yoga pose with Om.
  • Squatchy Berger’s Rock and Roll
    This is a movement and rhythm game where you beat rock drums that Squatchy lights up to make music.
  • Zapp Von Doubler’s Space Race
    Jump into Zapp’s character, use your jetpack to steer through space, collecting stars, and avoiding space junk.

Family Games With a View

Take in your surroundings and enjoy the views of the roads you travel with these fun family games.

  • Cheesy Wheezy Boom:
    The Cheesy Wheezy game is played when any yellow car or truck is spotted. Whichever child spots it first gets to yell out “cheesy wheezy boom”! The first one to reach 10 points wins the game.

  • I Spy:
    An oldie, but goodie! There are tons of things to see out the window when driving. “I Spy” will not only keep them entertained, but it’s a good practice of colors for younger children too.

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