Freeze It!

What if I told you that you could still follow your required curriculum/standards AND customize an academic dance party?!

With Freeze It, an exclusive GoNoodle Plus game, you can customize question sets that match any learning skill needed in your classroom.

1. Community Building: Peer & Teacher Trivia
Have students submit facts about themselves (including answers) to create a class trivia game! Be sure to include fun facts about yourself too! For example: How many pets does Mrs. Farmer have? 0, 2 or 3? (Correct answer: 3!)

My students love learning about each other & their teacher while dancing! After the game is over, allow students to discuss questions and answers with peers to develop stronger connections.

2. Procedures
Whether it is Back to School time or your class just needs to review procedures, moving with Freeze It is WAY better than having them sit quietly and just listen to you rehash them.

Create questions that review main procedures in your classroom, to help remind students what to do. This encourages more independent problem solving and accountability. Examples: What should you do if your pencil breaks? Where are extra kleenexes kept?

3. Math Facts
Building student fluency with math fact game can be exhausting and boring… but not anymore! Utilizing math fact question sets will improve mental math skills for any grade level.

When I taught 4th grade, my students were solid on their multiplication facts: 1-5, and 10. However, knowing their 6-9s and 12s was another story. Customizing Question Sets allowed me to target a specific skill that my class was struggling with. Plus, it gave me the ability to monitor their understanding through movement, instead of worksheets.

4. Review Content
Are you about to wrap up a unit? Is there an upcoming test? Or do students just need a refresher? A dance party review can calm student anxiety and elevate student confidence over the content. Click here to see my 4th graders in action reviewing factors vs multiples!

5. Vocabulary and Grammar
Review weekly vocabulary, sight words, identify long ‘e’ patterns, etc. A one-size-fits-all kind of model just does not work. Take control, get creative, and customize today with Freeze It!


More About GoNoodle Plus
Freeze It is a Learning Game exclusive to GoNoodle Plus. GoNoodle Plus offers 100s of ways to deepen student learning through movement and mindfulness. Additional curricular videos, customizable games, and downloadable activities maximize movement, instructional time, and fun! You can start a free 30 day trial (no credit card required) by following the link below!

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Stacy Farmer is a 2nd grade teacher in Grand Haven, Michigan. When she isn’t hosting academic dance parties with Freeze It, you can find her running around school in her Hot Dog costume. Keep up with Stacy on Twitter, @StacyJFarmer!