Maybe the word “energetic” gives you mild panic attacks when used in the same sentence as your classroom… but of course energy is a good thing! We can’t read, learn math or problem solve without it. These five high-energy GoNoodle videos will help to channel all that energy into more focused learning.

1. GoNoodle Plus: Field Trip (3 minutes)
Give your energetic classroom a 2-minute blast of frenetic movement with this GoNoodle Plus video. Run, duck, dodge, and jump your way to cool locations and fascinating facts.
Find it in: The GoNoodle Plus channel, the “Energizing” and “Sports/Exercise” categories.

2. Airtime (2-3 minutes)
The right strategy for managing an energetic classroom might be taking a second to bring it down a notch. Try 2 minutes of quiet deep breathing in Airtime to help everyone chill out.
Find it in: The GoNoodle channel, the “Calming” category.

3. “Shake Yo Foot” with Koo Koo Kanga Roo (3 minutes)
Shake out some energy with a silly dance-along! Let Koo Koo Kanga Roo help shake out students hands, feet, legs, arms, head, and more. Then, settle back into desks for some wiggle-free learning.
Find it in: The Koo Koo Kanga Roo channel, the “Dancing” and “Energizing” categories.

4. Flow (4 minutes)
Another quiet, calm, focusing video. Flow helps kids calm themselves, listen intently, and practice self-management exercises. Try “On and Off” in the Stress category for a kid-friendly mindfulness concept.
Find it in: The GoNoodle channel, the “Calming” and “Stretching/Yoga” categories.

5. 400M Hurdles in Go With The Pro (4 minutes)
Sometimes, the only way to manage an overload of energy is to burn it off. And there’s nothing better to do that than 400 meters of hurdling! Warm up with an acclaimed Track & Field athlete, then go for the gold.
Find it in: The GoNoodle channel, the “Energizing” and “Sports/Exercise” categories.