Morning meetings are your chance to set a tone of positivity, happiness, safety and fun for the day ahead! These five GoNoodle videos will help you get there, whether you need to wake up sleepy students, or calm everyone down.

1. Airtime (2-3 minutes)
If your students get off the bus wound up for everything but a day of learning, 2 minutes of deep breathing in Airtime is the perfect way to release that stress and focus for the day ahead.
Find it in: The GoNoodle channel, the “Calming” category.

2. “Whirling Happiness” with Maximo (3 minutes)
Start each day with moderate, deliberate movement to stretch, wake up, and focus! Maximo leads your students in challenging stretches, and this one is focused on finding happiness – something that can stick with kids all day.
Find it in: The GoNoodle channel, the “Calming” and “Stretching/Yoga” categories.

3. Happy” (4 minutes)
Choose positivity for your classroom by starting your day with a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Let kids dance along, then talk about what makes them happy today. Take that positivity into instruction and enjoy a joyful day.
Find it in: The YouTube channel, the “Dancing” and “Energizing” categories.

4. “Bestest Friend” with Koo Koo Kanga Roo (3 minutes)
Take 3 minutes at the start of your day to build up your classroom culture with movement. This dance-a-long ode to friendship will set an inclusive and accepting tone for the day.
Find it in: The Koo Koo Kanga Roo channel, the “Dancing” and “Energizing” categories.

5. “Ice Cream and Guacamole” (3 minutes)
If your students still seem sleepyheaded, wake them up this way. Kids love this dance-a-long with a perfectly absurd sense of humor and a pace that starts moderate and more energizing as it goes along.
Find it in: The YouTube channel, the “Dancing” and “Energizing” categories.