Picture your students… sitting at their desks wiggle-free, ready to learn, awake and engaged! Dreamy, right? Don’t overlook the power of a dance party, desk-side race or energizing activity to help students settle back into learning. Here are five brain breaks perfect for getting the wiggles out!

1. 100 M Hurdles (3-4 minutes)
Students burn tons of energy by running and jumping next to their desks to win real Track & Field events like 100m sprint and hurdles. Plus, the inspirational message from real athletes help your students feel confident and determined.
Find it in: Go With the Pro channel, the “Energizing” and “Sports/Exercise” categories.

2. Wiggle It by Koo Koo Kanga Roo (1.5 minutes)
This dance along will get kids moving and shaking to a silly song all about wiggling! Heard Wiggle it 100 times already? Try one of the many other Koo Koo Kanga Roo songs.
Find it in: The Koo Koo Kanga Roo Channel, the “Dancing” and “Energizing” categories.

3. Zumba Kids (2-5 minutes)
Popular songs and choreographed dance moves are kid favorites! Dance the wiggles out to Party Rock, Beauty and a Beat, and more.
Find it in: The Zumba Kids channel, the “Dancing” and “Energizing” categories.

4. Walk up the Stairs Bob (1 minute)
This quick, energetic, short brain break gives students a speedy way to release their energy with a healthy dose of silliness.
Find it in: The GoNoodle channel, the “Energizing” and “Dancing” categories.

5. GoNoodle Plus: Freeze It (1 minute)
During speed rounds of flashcards students dance their wiggles out, then answer core-aligned questions — including math, ELA, geography, and more — when the screen says “Freeze.”
Find it in: The GoNoodle Plus channel, the “ELA” and “Energizing” categories.